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Become a supervillain in this crime simulator

There’s no denying that having laws is important to prevent our society from descending to anarchy. However, there are times when you just want to let loose and release all of your negative emotions. Before you go crazy and get yourself imprisoned in jail or committed to a mental institution, try out some games where you can simulate a life of crime without you hurting other people and getting incarcerated. Vegas Crime Simulator is a simulation game offered by Naxeex LLC. With this game, you can live out your questionable desire to become a dangerous criminal

Look and Feel

For a mobile game, Vegas Crime Simulator’s graphics are quite acceptable. It’s rendered in 3D which makes it so much more fun to commit virtual crimes. However, it does fall in the uncanny valley quite a bit. The character animations are laughably cartoonish, and details such as blood and explosions don’t look like they were rendered with any attempt at realism at all. Speaking of details, background details are very sparse. The locations you explore are often bare of any pedestrians and civilians except for the few that you can kill. Ultimately, the graphics cannot go toe to toe with other simulation games, but it is acceptable if you just want to go to town committing crimes.

The sound effects are very good, however. They sound life-like and really help in improving the atmosphere of the game. Unfortunately, for some reason, the developers decided not to add a lot of music, so if you’re playing for a long time, the repetitive sound effects can be really annoying.


It’s unclear what the objective of this game is other than to commit as many crimes as possible in order to eventually become a supervillain. Like most simulation games, you start out by creating your character. You can customize your character’s look and clothes. After that, you can pretty much go all out with committing as many crimes as you can.

You have a lot of options for weapons to wield. There are different kinds of guns to choose from, and you can even use a tank if you really want to destroy everything. Aside from the aforementioned tank, you can also drive different kinds of vehicles so you can run over people if you want.

Guilty of the Crime of Mediocrity

If all you’re after is creating as much virtual death and destruction as you possibly can, this game will definitely sate your needs. However, if you are in need of something more substantial, it might be better to get play something else. Vegas Crime Simulator is way too simple to be fully enjoyable, but it is acceptable for people who just want a crime simulator.


  • Good sound effects
  • Lots of weapons
  • Can play tanks
  • Can customize character


  • Uncanny graphics
  • No music
  • No voice acting
  • Difficult to control

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